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Make an Impact

ProfessioNole Mentors, one of The Career Center's longest-running signature programs, connects FSU students with Alumni & Friends of Florida State for career advice and guidance.

In 1988, we provided students with professional contacts utilizing a rolodex and index cards. Today, students browse potential mentors located across the globe at the click of a button through a sophisticated online database.

How does the ProfessioNole Mentors program work?

ProfessioNole Mentors is our entirely virtual mentoring network. Once the mentee and mentor profiles are fully completed, the ProfessioNole Mentors program recommends potential mentor matches to registered student mentees by aligning career interests and academic experiences. Conversations are always initiated by students with their selected mentor.

How much time do I need to put in?

There is no required time commitment, do what works for your schedule! You can engage in a single conversation or have a longer mentoring relationship over time. 

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