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Awards of Distinction

The Florida State University (FSU) Black Alumni presents awards of distinction during its Black Alumni Reunions or other designated times established by the National Board of Directors. These awards represent the highest honor bestowed upon FSU Black alumni, faculty/administrators, and students by the FSU Black Alumni.


The Outstanding Alumni Award is presented to alumni who have made significant achievements and contributions to their communities, professions or countries since their graduation from FSU. They may have excelled in their respective careers, given immensely of themselves to their communities, or have been great role models for other alumni and students to emulate.

The James “J.T.” Thomas Heart of a Champion Award honors former student-athletes who, through their involvement in communities or countries, or through specific acts, have served as noteworthy examples of good citizenship and activism.  The “Champion” must have been a varsity letter award winner during the period he/she was enrolled at FSU, and (1) has consistently demonstrated good sportsmanship outside of a sports competition setting, (2) has consistently demonstrated good sportsmanship and ethical conduct in his/her participation in college and professional sports, or (3) is currently involved in one or more non-profit community outreach initiatives on behalf of youth, families, education, health care, economically disadvantaged communities, physically/mentally challenged, abused and neglected individuals, or others.

The Outstanding Student Award is presented to a student who has demonstrated the utmost in leadership and advancement of student causes, service to FSU and/or the Tallahassee community, academics, and university spirit within the past two years. This student must have presented himself or herself as being genuinely interested in the welfare of students and the development of the university as a whole. This student may have also demonstrated achievements, which may lead to a promising future.


The Outstanding Faculty/Administrator Award is presented to an FSU faculty member or administrator who has gone above and beyond the call of his/her normal university duties, and has given unselfishly of his/her time and talents in shaping and molding the minds of students, or has made professional contributions that have had an enduring and substantive effect on the quality of Black life at FSU.  This award is given to an individual for being a counselor, mentor, and friend to students, faculty/staff members, or alumni; and for providing guidance and assistance to help students make a smooth transition to university life and/or the professional world after college.

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