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Give to a Deserving Florida State Student

The Florida State University Black Alumni promotes and supports the academic achievement of Black students at FSU.  As part of our ongoing commitment to academic excellence, the FSU Black Alumni Scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to minority students of African descent.  The FSU Black Alumni Scholarship was established in the FSU Foundation, Inc., in 1989-1990 and was fully endowed in 1998.

The FSU Black Alumni awards scholarships to deserving students during its Black Alumni Reunions and other designated times throughout the year.

  • During the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Integration at FSU (April 2012) a scholarship was given in honor of Maxwell Courtney (the first Black undergraduate to attend and graduate from FSU), and one scholarship is now awarded annually in his honor.

  • One of the scholarships is awarded in honor of Dr. William R. Jones, Professor Emeritus, and founder and first Director of the FSU Black Studies Program.

  • One of the scholarships is specifically designated for a student who is involved in FSU’s International Programs or plans to study abroad.

  • During FSU’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration, the FSU Black Alumni partners with the Center for Leadership and Social Change to award “Book Scholarships” selected through their scholarship process.

  • One of the scholarships is $1,000 Byrnes Guillaume, Esq. Scholarship to a Black student of Caribbean descent (born in a Caribbean Island/Country or first generation American with parent(s) born in a Caribbean Island).


The FSU Black Alumni is committed to ensuring that financial resources are available for the direct support of Black students in their pursuit of academic excellence. Through your financial support and continued assistance, together we will be able to assist in the recruitment, admission, retention, graduation and placement of Black students at FSU.

Since the funds are used for educational purposes all donations are tax deductible. Additionally, donations to the FSU Black Alumni Scholarship Fund qualify for matching gifts from participating corporations and businesses.

Apply to the Scholarship

The FSU Black Alumni awards scholarships to deserving students several times throughout the year. Please check back here for to learn more about the application process.

Donate to the Scholarship Fund

With your help, we can continue to assist in the successful recruitment, admission,

retention, graduation and career placement of black students at FSU. To make

a tax-deductible gift to the FSU Black Alumni Scholarship Fund, donate today.

Give online at

If mailing your gift, be sure to download the Scholarship Form and include the form with your payment. 

Make checks payable to the: FSU Foundation, with the following in the memo sections of the check:

FSU Black Alumni Scholarship Fund, #F06591
Florida State University Foundation, Inc.
325 W. College Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32301

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