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Goals of the Florida State University Black Alumni


“Defining the Future with the Knowledge from the Past”

The FSU Black Alumni (renamed in 2013) is an officially chartered affiliate of the FSU Alumni Association and is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the State of Florida. Membership is open to any alumnus, associate, or affiliate of the university with an earnest and steadfast commitment to the aims and goals of Black alumni. The FSU Black Alumni’s primary goals are to serve, involve, and inform Black alumni.

The FSU Black Alumni provides a framework for Black alumni to meet formally and informally for academic, social, and other alumni-oriented purposes. Foremost among these purposes are to:

  1. Advocate for and assist in the promotion and development of activities which will have an enduring and substantive effect on the quality of Black student life at FSU.

  2. Advocate for open access and provide direct input into all phases of university activities which concern the recruitment, admission, retention, graduation and placement of Black students.

  3. Advocate for and assist in the recruitment and retention of Black faculty, administrators and staff.

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